Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Congratulations Masai Tribe

Hey Masai Tribe as producer i would like to thank everyone of you for your hard work on the project. Although i had to be blunt and pretty strict at times i enjoyed working with you all especially the genius that is james p waters :P

Hopefully we can get a good mark as reward for the hard work and what turned out to be a good looking project.

I wish you all good luck with next projects and who knows some of us may work together again.

Gary Ralphs - Producer

Monday, 10 January 2011

The final film... up and ready to download on the Adrive.  It's called '' and you should easily be find it as its quite high up in the directory.

The music

This is the music for the project it has nice african feel to it without being stereotypically lion king. This music is an earlier suggestion from Jared but through the failure of a reply from any music students for an original piece of music. i as producer have failed to provide an original piece of music which i apologies for. but it could be done at a later date.