Friday, 3 December 2010

Masai man is all done :D

I just finished the rigging and texturing of the Masai man in the space of about 10 minutes :D
I presume that this model will only appear in silhouette, so I have given him a simple black Solid Colour texture.  If you need any more textures to be applied to him, please give me a shout
Also, Perri and Alex, could one of you model a spear or something for him, so he will be more identifiable as a Masai in the final piece?  Thanks in advance.

This will be going on the Adrive in a moment, for you to have a look at.


  1. I was thinking a spear a few hours wondering if i should make an array of items that could be put on diffenernt masai worriers

  2. If you can, that would be great!!