Sunday, 31 October 2010

More stuff...

Today, I haven't really done research as such; but I have spent time getting up to speed with various techniques in Maya.

I have been playing around with methods of creating light and shade and I came across this tutorial, which explains how I can create a sky by using the Mental Ray rendering software:

I have just created this scene of the sun setting by following the tutorial:

I think it is a quick way of creating various sky effects, but the only downside I have found is that rendering takes much longer and it seems that the sky does not show up in the video file, unless you save it as a video sequence in FCheck.

I am also trying to explore ways of playing with the colour of the sky itself to get a more red texture and also methods of including clouds.

Please take a look, and tell me what you think.


  1. james that looks great we will obviously have to play around with it but the light changes look great. Its a very good start keep it going dude!!! I have a good feeling about this project if we get it right it will be awesome.

  2. Yeah i've got a good feeling about this project too, we have a very strong idea now. Yeah ive had a good day getting up to speed in Maya.