Wednesday, 17 November 2010

animals of the serengetti- progress so far-digital models

This is the fisrt animal I completed. I bombed down to the early learning center in bromley and bought a load of very good realistic looking plastic animals which were very helpfull. i was really unsudre about doing an elephant at first but i think its turned out well for somone who only just started digitally modeling a few weeks ago!!

Im particularly pleased with this rhino

iev just started cracking on the wilderbeast.

I think the lioness has been the most troublesome so far because it has a very rounded face structure. I cant quite find it in my head how im going to produce such detail without going mad on subdivisions. This is by far not a finished model.I have been told by Jared about useing the point cloud information scanner to scan the face of the lioness in but i have a feeking it might be too small.

This is the first model I attempted. it was all going well. Until I suddenly discoverd how to add subdivsions and without knowing I went a bit mad and ended up adding hundreds of divisions thinking that it would make the mesh smoother but instead all that happend was I ended up with 5 times more detail but the model still stayed square and for some very irritating reason I can no longer find the lower polymesh version. So I might have to start again on this model. Lucky iev discoverd the smooth mesh option now which means I can render the model in smoth mode.

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  1. Thanks Perri these are looking fantastic. keep it up!! :) i dont know what your worries for the elephant was you have done a fantastic job and the rhino is awesome. If you think the point cloud lioness face is the way to go i will look for something a little bigger and bring it in this sometime soon. :) good luck. if you could give the finished models to james tomorrow then he can get ahead with the rigging. Also we are slightly ahead of schedule in terms of individual jobs so well done :)