Saturday, 13 November 2010

plan for next week!!!!

Hey guys i would like to inform everyone of what the plan is next week but first i would like to apologise to james and gabriel for not being able to go the zoo today. To spare you the details i have been ill for days but have soldiered on but i was awake for the zoo trip when i started coughing up blood so that prevented me from going. i apologise for that and hope it did not cause to many problems.

So next week!!! Basically the plan and order is that gabriel has concept art completed by monday and then modelling both for animals and environment will start promptly. Storyboards are done and i will scan them in on monday so when we meet with jared he will be able to see them and we can talk through any issues or questions anyone may have.

I expect everyone to be in on monday and on time if that means getting an earlier train then so be it. This is where the real hard work starts now so i expect everyone to be up for the challenge and also i hope everyone is now pulling the same way and knows exactly what were trying to achieve here. :) Gary

p.s some concept art which may come in handy is featured below.......

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