Sunday, 21 November 2010

Lioness hell

its taken me all of today practically to figure out how to create the face of the lioness.It finally twigged on me to use the "split polygon tool"

all looks like it is going well.......

untill horse face happens

and then kacked ear happens.

before this the lioness whent through various stages of disaster all of which are too numoerouse and large to photograph and document one by one. The first misshap coccured when an extra layer of skin pon the model appeared and i had absolutly no idea how it got there. So I had to start again.

Now the next problem was most inconvinient as when i decided to delete one half of the model to duplicate the other side fo a cemetric look there was a bit of spare skin near the back leg. When i deleted it, but it would take out the faces of the other leg. So duplicated the other side anyway to see if i could get away with it The lioness just looked like just looked like it actully had a manhood....oh dear! so i started again.

After the throwing of many hissy fits. This is what I came up with

,..............Now doesnt that look more like a dog?

(Sigh).............I think it does.

At least the wilderbeast is doing what it says on the tin.

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