Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Alex and Gabriel, you have missed this as you had to shoot off early, but we have come up with a list of roles that will need to be filled for the project:

Storyboard Artist (probably going to be a group effort)
Concept Artist (Gabriel)
Scene Modeller (Alex)
Character Modeller (Perri)
Texturer (James)
Rigger (James)
Character Animator (Gary)
Environmental Animator (Gabriel)
Set Decorator (Perri)
Camera set-up (Alex)

We have decided to divide the modelling and animating jobs into animals and environment; simply because everyone will need to pull their weight.

The chances are that we will all have at least two jobs to fulfil this project.

I am personally keen on taking on texturing and rigging, unless anyone has any objections. Please tell us which of these jobs you think you will be particularly strong at, or keen to do.

As we agree who does what job, I shall place names next to the corresponding jobs on the list above,

Gary: As producer i will try and help with everything so come to me if you need anything or just have an idea :)


  1. Cheers james yes as producer i will try and help with everything but as we spoke about earlier animating is my bag. I am not sure whether the other guys are looking frequently at this blog but if they are A QUICK MESSAGE on this blog on what job you would like to do would help me out a lot. I will have to sort out deadlines with people for each job so the sooner i get the jobs sorted the better. I would like to say thank you for everyone for turning up though that was brilliant considering the tube problems.cheers

  2. Also something else we discussed earlier which alex and gabriel don't know is the opportunity of getting an original piece of music. This is not a major part of the project and should not effect the project i will take care of it. I will send a few emails out this week and try and get some contacts. i just think an original piece of music will help us get in touch with the whole african theme and be a nice touch. :)

  3. i dont mind taking eviromental designer and camera set up