Friday, 5 November 2010

Storyboarding -Wednesday 10th November

Yo guys as you will be aware we need to have storyboard fairly quick so i was thinking that we could all meet at college on wednesday and just rough out a storyboard which i will personally then take and make more understandable and visual. This will could be a fairly quick process or it could last most of the day, quality is of the essence. Let me know if this is a problem for anyone if i don't get a response from anyone i will presume its fine or people are not reading this blog but that would never happen would it people!!!!

Also PERRI i need a LINK TO INDIVIDUAL BLOG so i or james can link it to the group blog. I don't really want to be hassling you for little things like this when we have such a big job on our hands doing the real creative stuff.


  1. I've just got hold of Perri's blog address and I've added it to the page.

  2. Also I would be on for Wednesday, make sure you ask the others too.